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Is This Free?

In Short, Yes.

Our music platform is designed to be free of charge to all users, with the option to purchase ‘Premium Features’ should you wish to gain added exposure using our service.

Do I Need To Register An Account?

The short answer is No.

However, by registering a free account you will gain access to member only features such as video rating, subscribing to your favorite artists, participating in the members-only forums, and having the ability to access our private messenger.

So why not become a member?

How Do I Link A Video?

To link a video to your profile you must have registered as a Singer. Once you have done this simply click the ‘My Profile’ tab, and select ‘Link A Video’ from the drop down menu.

Linking a video is as easy as selecting what website your video is hosted on (YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo), then copying the video link (URL), and pasting it in the ‘Enter Video URL’ field.

The rest of the process is self explanatory.

Where Do I Find A Video Link (URL)?

Depending on what website your video is hosted on, this is where to find the video link:

1. YouTube – Load your video on YouTube’s website, and copy the video page address (URL) – it should look like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPni73e55-Krg
Please Note: Our system cannot accept shortened links like: https://youtu.be/WPni7f55-Krg

2. Facebook – Load your video on Facebook’s website and right click the video itself. Select the option ‘Show Video URL’ and copy the link it provides.

3. Vimeo – Load your video on Vimeo’s website and either click the ‘Share’ button and copy the link field, or simply copy the website address bar (URL).

4. Instagram – Load up your Instagram page from the Instagram website (not the app), then click on the video you wish to link. Copy the URL from the Browser, and paste this into the Link A Video form.

What Is A ‘URL’?

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator), is a unique link to a resource on the internet.
An example of this is: ‘https://www.starsuncovered.com’.

What Is An ‘Embedded Video’?

Embedding a media file means to copy the video from its original website, and place a direct link to it on another by using an embed code. This video will remain on the original website you uploaded it to, but can be viewed on the new website as a means to provide more exposure for your music.

What Websites Can I Link My Videos From?

Currently due to content monitoring we accept videos that are uploaded on the following hosting sites:
1.) Youtube
2.) Facebook
3.) Vimeo
4.) Instagram
We do not allow embedded videos from websites outside this list for content security reasons.

I Get An Error Message When Trying To Link A Video, What Could Be Wrong?

If you’re having trouble successfully linking a video to your profile, it could mean one of a few things:

– Please ensure you have ‘Allowed Embedding‘, which is an option found in the advanced settings for your video on YouTube.
– Ensure that the video hasn’t been removed from YouTube and is still publicly visible.
– Right click on the video, and click ‘Copy Video URL‘, then trying linking again.

– You may be pasting a short-link in the Link field, one that looks like this:
Our system cannot access videos using this mobile URL format, so please copy and paste the full URL which can be found by using one of the following techniques:
– Use a desktop computer or laptop to obtain the full link by right clicking on the video post, and selecting ‘Show Video URL’. Then simply copy and paste.
– Use a tablet device to click the ‘Share’ button located on the video itself, then click ‘copy link’.
The correct format should look something like this: https://facebook.com/[username]/posts/WPni7551321Kr34324
– Please ensure the video is set to ‘Public’ or Facebook will prevent it from being shared.

– Ensure you are copying the full video URL, one that looks like this:
– Check the video settings, and make sure the video is visible publicly, without a password.
– Check the video hasn’t been removed, or your account hasn’t been suspended.
– Click the ‘Share’ button on the video itself, then copy the ‘Link’ field and try link the video again.

Other Factors That May Cause Issues When Linking A Video:
1. The content is hosted on a website other than the ones in the approved list (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram). If this is the case, you must re-upload it to one of these approved websites before it can be linked to your profile.
2. The video settings you selected when uploading the content may be preventing the video from being shared. If you think this may be the case, then go to the website you uploaded your content on, and click into the video settings to enable sharing or ’embedding’. Private or password protected videos cannot be linked to your account.
3. The website your content is uploaded on may be under maintenance, or may have restricted video sharing.

If you feel your problem still can’t be resolved, click here to contact us.

I Don’t See ‘Link A Video’ Under My Account Menu?

In this case you have more than likely created a ‘Viewers’ account instead of a ‘Singers’ account. Unfortunately once your account is created, there is no option to upgrade your account. Please use the contact form here, and let us know what’s happened. We can then delete your profile, and allow you the chance to re-register under a new Singer account (Please allow 24-48 hours for a response).

How Do I Get On The Top Singers Page?

Our ‘Top Singers’ page displays the 5 best singers from each of our 3 music classes (Under 18, Over 18, & Group Singers). The artists featured on this page are determined by their ‘Average Star Rating’, which is a combined total of all the ratings across their music videos. Encourage your Subscribers to rate your videos generously, and reap the rewards of having your profile featured on this exclusive page!

Can I Upload Other Peoples Videos?

Unfortunately Not. This site is designed to allow new Singers to start their music careers by sharing their own content with the rest of the world. Using other peoples videos is strictly prohibited and will result in account bans and IP logging.
WARNING: Failure to adhere to this policy may subject you to legal implications and/or copyright infringements.

What Videos Can I Link To My Profile?

You can link any music related videos to your profile as long as you have legal permission to do so. For example, you cannot link a video from another YouTube users account without their express written permission. Doing this would be in breach of our Terms of Service. The music content linked to your profile must contain you performing as one of the main entities.

Can I Link Covers Of A Song?

This will depend on the legal permissions the song owner has set out for his or her content. Recording a cover version of a song does not necessarily give you the right to upload it to the likes of YouTube or any other social media site. You may need permission from the owner of the original content to link it legally.

I’ve Lost My Password, What Do I Do?

Not to worry, your password can be easily reset by clicking the ‘Forgot My Password’ button on the Login page. A password reset link will then be emailed to you, and once you click the link contained within the email you will be offered a password reset option.

If you’re not sure what email address you used to signup to our service; please either check your emails archive for a welcome email from us, or contact us by clicking here for further assistance.

Do You Allow Video Uploading?

Unfortunately our website does not act as a media hosting site, meaning your videos must be uploaded to a site like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc, before you can link them through our website. Stay tuned as this may change in the near future.

Why Can’t I Comment On Peoples Videos?

In today’s era of technology cyber-bullying has increased dramatically over the past decade. With cyber trolls hiding behind the Internet’s cloak of anonymity, we find more and more people struggling with depression, anxiety, and dangerous thoughts from social rejection and cyber-bullying. Here at Stars Uncovered we think it’s time for a change, and that’s why our website has introduced a Star Rating Feedback System. It allows users to rate Singers content on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning the content ‘Needs Improvement’, through to 5 meaning the content is ‘Excellent’. We strongly believe in user communication, but a comments section only opens the door to cyber-bullying and spam messaging, and that’s not something we will tolerate. On the bright side, any positive feedback can be shared in the member forums, or in a private message to the Singer’s themselves (if they choose to allow this).

What Is This Star Rating System All About?

As explained in the question above, our Star Rating Feedback System allows users to rate Singers content from 1 through to 5, with 1 meaning the content ‘Needs Improvement’, through to 5 meaning the content is ‘Excellent’. Singers overall Star Rating will show on their profile, and is calculated by combining the total ratings of all videos that Singer has on their profile. Get a consistently high rating may hopefully lead to your profile getting featured on the ‘Top Singers’ page!

Someone Is Harassing Or Bullying Me, What Can I Do?

If another member is harassing or bullying you through your private messenger you can go ahead and click on the users profile and select the option ‘Block User’. Doing this will prevent this member from being able to message you permanently. Should you wish to block all incoming private messages, the option to do this is located in the ‘Account Settings’ page under the ‘Privacy’ tab.

If another member is bullying you via the member forums, please click on the ‘report’ button next to the offensive post, and this will be investigated by a site Moderator.

My Account Has Been Banned, What Can I Do?

If your account has been found to breach any of the conditions listed under the ‘Terms of Service’ page, your account may have been disabled or banned from our site. Your IP address will be logged by our administrators, and duplicate accounts will not be allowed.

If you believe your account has been mistakenly banned, please contact our Admin Team via the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

How Can I Deactivate/Delete My Account?

Should you wish to delete your Stars Uncovered profile, simply fill out the Contact Us form found here. We can completely remove your profile from our platform, however rest assured you may contact us at any time to reactivate it.

Where Can I Find The Terms of Service?

We provide our full Terms of Service located in the Quick Links Menu, or under the ‘Contact Us’ sub-menu.

You can also click here to view them.

What Is The Top Singers Page?

The ‘Top Singer’ page displays the best artists our site has to offer. To reach our ‘Top Singers’ page your videos must be rated among the top 5 in one of the three account types eligible to show on this page:

The 3 account types are:

  • Junior Singers (Aged 13-17)
  • Adult Singers (Aged 18+)
  • Group Singers (Duo/Band)

Your overall Star Rating will determine whether or not your video shows on this exclusive page. Just because you have more votes than someone else does not necessarily mean your video will be ranked before theirs.

Encourage your fans to vote on your videos and help you reach the top spot!

I Have More Votes, Why Aren’t I Ranked Higher?

Understanding what makes up your Average Star Rating is key to understanding how our ranking system works. Just because you may have more votes than someone else, does not necessarily mean you will rank higher.

As an example, let’s examine two Singers who are competing for the top spot:

  • Singer A gets 10 Votes from his fans, of which all are rated 2 Stars (10 x 2 = 20 Stars)
  • Singer B gets 5 Votes from his fans, of which all are rated 5 Stars (5 x 5 = 25 Stars)

Using this example above, we can see that Singer B will be ranked higher as he has a total of 25 Stars, whereas Singer A only has a total of 20 Stars.

What Are Premium Features?

Here at Stars Uncovered we have a range of optional ‘Premium Features’ that may be purchased to help boost your exposure while using our service.

These ‘Premium Features’ include:

  • Promoted Video – Features a video of your choice at the top of the ‘Promoted Video’ column on every video streaming page.
  • Promoted Artist – Features a video of your choice alongside your Stars Uncovered profile on the Home Page for a full 24 hours (exclusive to a single artist per day)
  • Featured Artist – Features a video of your choice on the ‘Featured Artist’ board displayed on the Home Page.
  • Instagram Shout-Out – An exclusive opportunity to be featured on our official Instagram Account @Stars.Uncovered, to be posted out to over 45,000 music lovers! This feature is offered by invite only, and will be based on your performance & engagement in the S.U. community.

These features are only available to be purchased by registered ‘Singers’ using our service, and may be available free of charge during promotional periods.

Click here to learn more about Premium Features.

Why Can’t I See My User Profile?

This issue may be caused by certain Ad-Blockers you are using on your browser.

This problem can be solved by simply adding www.starsuncovered.com to your exclusion list, or by simply disabling the Ad-Blocker while using our site.

We use invisible buttons/functions to run vital system tasks throughout our website, these can sometimes be detected or blocked by certain security plugins on your browser.

If this doesn’t work, try updating flash player or using a different browser (Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox) to test it out.

How To Block/Unblock Someone
  • To block a user from messaging you, simply click on the ‘Message’ button on the user’s profile page, and click the icon displayed below:

  • To view a list of users you have blocked, or if you wish to unblock someone, simply click on the ‘Privacy’ tab found on the ‘Account Settings’ page – or click here if you’re currently logged in.

Users cannot completely block other members from viewing their profile on our site as we operate on a public platform.

If a user continues to harass or bully you by posting on your wall or interacting with you in the forums, please click here to contact us.

I Haven’t Received My Email Link, Or I Can’t Verify My Account?

Please ensure you check your email ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ box, as our verification emails contain a link that may be incorrectly detected as being of a suspicious nature.

If you still can’t find your verification email please click here to contact us, and we will manually approve your account pending security measures – Please note your email will be verified manually by S.U. Staff.